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Jetset on APC Rock

Thanks to Friedger Müffke (Droidcon) and APC Open Call on G+, I received an APC Rock Android board.

The Rock is one of the 3 available boards from APC, featuring Android 4.0, a VIA ARM A9 Cortex running at 800Mhz, 512MB RAM and 4GB of NAND flash. Has both output for VGA and HDMI , the latter gives a better image, 2 normal USB ports, 1 microUSB for connection to a PC, Audio out, Mic in, microSD slot (max 32GB) and an ethernet (10/100) connector.

APC Rock

The board also comes with some GPIO, SPI and I2C busses on a header but couldn’t find any API or tutorial on their site to use this, a pitty as this would make the board really cool for some electronics hacking without the need for an Arduino.

I’ve plugged the board straight into my router and had in no time internet access. You can click in the top right corner icon to visualise your IP address, which comes in handy to connect to Jetset from another device on the network.


The board has a really fine layout, all connectors are on one site so perfect  to use  as a mini-rack-server, if I can 3D print a suitable case for it. The board conforms to the Neo-ITX standard (170x85mm) so my printer should  be able to print the case..

Biggest problem was getting my Jetset apk file on the board, since the included filemanager has no access to the internal memory, Quickly fixed by using an microSD card. Installation went well an Jetset was running on the board.



It ‘s also the only board I know that has direct connection for an external  power button, a standard pc power supply connector and battery backup internal clock.

Next time I’ll try to connect an Arduino onto the board, so keep an eye on this blog…