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Building a new 3D printer, Prusa I3 ITOPIE – part 1

Finally decided to go for a Reprap prusa model after my Felixiprinter died, the head is blocked and they don’t sell a new one any more. So I have to upgrade but that almost cost the price of a new printer.

On the openbuilds site I saw the design of the Reprap ITOPIE, designed to be cut from 16mm MDF, luckily I have a cnc machine.

First step is to translate the dxf file in cut paths for the cnc router via Cut 2D.

Here’s my first attempt:



The Openbuilds website

This is something I had to post a long time ago, the openbuilds site is a community site for makers where you can publish your open projects.


The site is created by the nice people of the openbuildspart store, the same people who launched the V-slot aluminium profile. ( I backed their Kickstarter V-slot campaign and have some of the first few meters of 20 x 20aluminium  profile).


If you are searching for a Delta 3D rpinter design or a portal cnc router, then you’ll find some nice design over here.

Next step is buying the parts at their store, really fair prizes for decent material. http://openbuildspartstore.com/

They have some dealers over here in Europe like https://www.iprototype.nl/search?search_string=v-slot

My goal is to make a portable cnc router and/or 3D printer with the v-slot profiles I obtained, I have already a 3D printer and 2 CNC routers, but the v-slot profile can make very compact designs and that’s what I need.

So happy building.



Why I like the Arduino Tre already

Let’s face it who can’t like the cross breeding between the Ti Beaglebone and the Arduino Uno.


It’s a win-win situation, while the Beaglebone is the big boy with ethernet, hdmi, audio, 1Ghz ARM processing speed and 512MB ram. Similar to most processing power found in today low spec smartphones, the Uno with the Atmel AVR is still king in embedded processing, simple, lean and efficient.

The Arduino Tre has it all, I really hope it will be available early 2014,  I haven’t seen any pricing yet but let’s make the math Beaglebone black (55 euro) + Arduino Uno (24 euro) = 79 euro this will make a really cool deal. (price source http://www.electroshopdendermonde.be)

On the landingpage at Arduino.cc you’ll find more detailed specs.

Hopefully it finds a place in my new to design small 2.5D CNC portable routing machine, but more about that in another post…


Tinkercad online again, now under the wings of Autodesk.


It was sad to see Thinkercad disappear a few month’s ago.

First the free service became paid then after a few month’s just a post on their site that they shut-down Thinkercad completely.

I always liked the application, easy to use like Sketchup targetting 3D models for 3D printing or CNC services.

Yesterday I received a mail from Tinkercad that the service is reactivated and  the free plan is expanded, thanks to AutoDesk who are now the owners of the product.

I hope the free plan stays and many makers can enjoy this fabulous app.

So surf to http://www.tinkercad.com en try it for free.